Nissan Unveils New EV Concept at Shanghai Auto Show

May 18th, 2023 by

concept interior of nissan arizon

Will the Nissan Arizon Go on Sale in the United States?

From electric cars to large SUVs, Nissan has a jam-packed lineup with numerous options for drivers to choose from. That’s why here at Nissan of Auburn, we always feel confident that we can find our customers the right vehicle at the right price.

Still, that doesn’t mean drivers (ourselves included) don’t love seeing brand new models make their way to dealership showrooms. One of the most recent models that Nissan has shown off is the Arizon, which has prompted the question of whether it will go on sale in the United States.

Let’s cut right to the chase. The Nissan Arizon will not be sold in the U.S. This isn’t because drivers in the U.S. are somehow unworthy of its futuristic design or because Nissan is too embarrassed to bring the model to the U.S. because they misspelled the state of Arizona (just joking). The truth is, the Arizon won’t be going on sale anywhere in the world, because it is a concept model and not a production model.

Arizon Concept Model Features

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “concept model,” allow us to explain. A concept model is kind of like a test vehicle. It is a chance for Nissan designers and engineers to experiment with new designs, new technologies and new engineering ideas. There are not meant to be models that will ever go on sale, though oftentimes we see some of the features from these vehicles show up in later production vehicles.

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nissan arizon glass roofSo, what does the Arizon have that we might see in the future? Let’s start with the new virtual assistant, called Eporo. This human-centric assistant uses the latest tech to communicate with drivers and passengers in a way that feels human. It is, as the name suggests, your in-vehicle assistant, capable of giving you the weather forecast or searching for information.

The other highlight of the Arizon is the CMF EV platform. That’s right, the Arizon concept is an electric SUV model. Though you may think of the word “platform” as only impacting the bottom of the vehicle, the new platform actually allows the Arizon to be constructed without using pillars in the cabin, giving drivers a clear view in all directions. This includes the ceiling, which is glass and has an auto-dimming function to keep out unwanted sunlight or let in the starlight at night.

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The Nissan Arizon concept was initially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, so how much of these features and capabilities will make their way to the U.S. is unclear. Still, it all paints an exciting picture of Nissan’s electric future. To stay updated on more news, check back to our Nissan of Auburn website blog.

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