Nissan Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle Concept Features

April 5th, 2023 by

Nissan Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle

Recently, Nissan released a video featuring something they’re calling the Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle. At its core, it’s just a Nissan Skyline – which is a Japan-market vehicle, over here we might recognize it as an INFINITI Q50 in Nissan badging. But this Skyline has been outfitted with more than 25 breakthrough features that highlight the possibilities of bricolage thinking and modern technologies and how they can increase the efficiency of day-to-day life through these simple features. All of the features are geared towards enhancing acts like eating, sleeping and playing within your vehicle. We’ll touch on these features below, and be sure to watch the video to see just how awesome they are for yourself.

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It might seem strange to see features like these, but we think it points toward the future of the automotive industry – to the future of Nissan, at the very least. While things like electrification, automation and artificial intelligence are important, they are not the only areas where innovation is needed. Features like these would certainly enhance the daily lives of many Nissan drivers, and while they might not be as world-changing as some of the breakthroughs in the aforementioned areas, they’re every bit as important to us, the consumers.

List of Unique Features

If you watch the video, you can see what all of these features look like, at least in this Nissan Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle concept. While some of them may still be far from entering actual production models, we think they’re all incredibly innovative and, honestly, cool. We certainly, at the very least, hope some of them will find their way into our North American Nissan vehicles in time.

The video started off by showing one of the side mirrors, which you can open up to reveal a trash can. This one might be one of the biggest stretches in the video and gave us a good chuckle, but how often do we have to clean out our cars of little trash for which we couldn’t find a good place? Next, the man in the video pulled a sliding side table out of the center console, giving him a place to work or eat.

While the next feature is perhaps one of the coolest, it would certainly need to have some form of regulation as using it while driving would obviously be a big no-no. But how great would it be to have a phone holder built into your steering wheel for those occasions where you let your significant other go shopping while you wait in the car? There are two many features to give each this level of detail, so check out this list for the rest of the features:

  • Sun Visor Tables
  • Removable Display
  • Sun Visor Table L
  • Bottle Heater
  • AI Sensing Camera
  • All In One Button
  • Auto Reclining Seat
  • Seat Flat Spacer
  • Head Flat Spacer
  • Folding Footrest
  • Blanket Storage
  • Moonroof Vision
  • All In One Side Button
  • Full Flat Bed Pillow
  • Full Flat Bed
  • Headrest Storage
  • 100V Outlet
  • Umbrella Storage
  • Bumper Storage
  • Grip Hanger
  • Full Flat Container
  • Portable Battery
  • Outdoor Hook
  • Theater Screen
  • Theater Projector
  • AI Assistant: Sora

While these features might not be available in our current Nissan models, plenty of other great features and technologies are. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

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