The Leaf is about to take down the Volt in electric vehicle sales

March 3rd, 2015 by

For a while now, Chevrolet has held the claim of having the best selling electric vehicle in its lineup. But, it appears the company won’t be able to say that for long. After giving up an expected big lead on the Volt early on, the Leaf has been chipping away at the electric vehicle sales title for some time now. In fact, the Nissan Leaf has been taking big swings at the Volt in the last year or so, as more and more people are seeing the advantages of owning a 100% electric vehicle.

Which sells better? The Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt?

nissan leaf vs chevy voltLet’s look at the numbers. After being up 23,461 to 9,819 in 2012, the Volt has quickly seen its lead in electric vehicle sales fall. And now, the vehicles are a mere two units apart after February sales numbers were compiled. Since the Leaf has outsold the Volt in every month since November of 2013, it’s safe to say that the Chevrolet reign here is over. Get that PR team ready at corporate, the electric sales title it heading our way!

Given the unknowns that went along with owning an electric car at first, it’s easy to see why Nissan would have fallen behind the Volt. But now, the Volt is very much just a gas vehicle that has a little electric range. On the other hand, the Nissan Leaf can do a full commute easily on electricity alone. And when you factor in the many charging stations that are popping up, the case for the Leaf gets even easier to make.

Are you ready to be one of the many that are heading the way of the Volt? Let us know here at Nissan of Auburn. We have seen more than a few leave our lot over the past few years. It’s an ideal vehicle for the area!

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