The Nissan Cube dash carpet is the topic of much discussion

December 16th, 2013 by

Vehicle designs continue to become more and more unique as consumer tastes change. Obviously, the Nissan Cube can easily be thrown into the unique category. Nothing about the vehicle really fits the norms of the auto industry. But, that is also the basis of the vehicle’s appeal for many consumers. But even though really nothing about the Cube is normal, there is one item in particular that stands out even more. Seemingly every day, we get asked: “What is the Nissan Cube dash carpet for?

Nissan Cube Dash Carpet

It’s certainly a fair question, as having carpet on the dash of a vehicle is not normal, nor is it easy to figure out why it is actually there. And surprisingly, there really isn’t a concrete reason for the carpet being there. It is officially listed as a design element, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find your own uses for it.

Some of our past Cube buyers have used the Nissan Cube dash carpet to hold items on the dash. A big one that has been mentioned is sunglasses, as a lighter item can be held pretty steady within the shag carpet. Some people have even had success with things like a cell phone and wallet making an indention in the carpet and staying put during driving.

Who’s to say what other ways the Nissan Cube dash carpet can be used. If you are pleased with the Cube’s performance you can actively “pet” the car as to say “good job.” Or, maybe you just need some 70s inspiration in your vehicle with the shag carpet. If nothing else, the dash carpet on the Cube is a true conversation piece. And it’s your car – you can tell people it represents whatever you want to tell them.

All we know for sure is that it’s another aspect that makes the new Cube special. Schedule a test drive of the Cube near Seattle today and see how unique it truly is.

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