Nissan models found to be most popular on the market

January 20th, 2015 by

What are the most popular Nissan models?

There are those members of society that choose to reject things that are popular, often just because they are popular. And while we can certainly understand this mindset in some instances (See: One Direction), it is a flawed philosophy in general. Because as it turns out, many things that are popular got that way for a reason – because they are quality items. This holds true with Nissan vehicles, three of which were recently found to be the most popular vehicles in their respective segments by

So what are these most popular Nissan models, you may ask? The 2015 versions of the Nissan Altima, Frontier and Pathfinder all found their way to top of their lists. The Altima for midsize car, the Frontier for compact truck and the Pathfinder for midsize traditional SUV.

The way that Edmunds selects the winners is actually pretty interesting. Instead of a random sampling or “Editor’s Choice,” the winners were actually selected using site analytics. The most searched vehicle in their respective categories on received the honor. It makes sense, as people searching Edmunds about a particular vehicle are clearly interested in it, as the site is a trusted authority for car buyers.

We must say, the three vehicles selected definitely have earned their place on the list. Of course we would have liked to have seen a Nissan sweep, but swooping up three of the spots wasn’t too bad.

Are you one of the many people interested in one of these most popular Nissan models? Get in touch with us here at Nissan of Auburn to learn more about them – or take them for a test drive.