Where to go for Taco Tuesday in Renton

August 10th, 2017 by

tacoTaco Tuesday is only ever, at most, six days away, and that means you can never be too prepared! Skip the dodgy, low-quality Mexican restaurants and celebrate this important culinary event with the best cuisine in the Renton area. If you’re not sure where to go, no worries! Just try of the five places below, and you can’t go wrong.


5 Hermanos

Set in the Whitman Court mall, 5 Hermanos has several enticing items you won’t see at just any Mexican restaurant, like tacos al carbon with sautéed onions and charcoal-grilled meat. They’re also a nice place if you prefer a restaurant that puts care into its vegetarian options. Try one of the special drinks, like the sangria or Val’s special margarita. If you’re out shopping in the area, this is the best place to stop for a quick meal and far above the quality of a food court.


La Fuente

This restaurant knows all about Taco Tuesdays because when you visit La Fuente on Tuesday, you can get $1 tacos from the bar with endless chips and salsa, plus happy hour margaritas for the ladies. Repeat visitors praise La Fuente for its extra-large portion sizes and fish tacos in particular, as well as any with shredded beef. La Fuente has a broad menu, so give this place a try if you want a classic Mexican eatery with oval plates packed with fresh, authentic cuisine.


Taqueria El Taco Maestro

Taqueria El Taco Maestro is a casual Mexican restaurant with street-style tacos that you order from a line at the counter. On top of the gargantuan wet burritos, this eatery’s tacos have succulent proteins, perfectly seared veggies, and more. You can get a range of Mexican taco styles, like adobada (marinated), tripas (small intestines), asado (roasted proteins), and more. One unique item that keeps some visitors coming back are the beef tongue tacos, a must-try for anyone with a flexible palate. Best of all, Taqueria has a drive thru!


Taqueria Los Potrillos

This is not a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Instead, Taqueria Los Potrillos is a truck that stays in one place at a local gas station. The staff is friendly, and they let you try little bits of different ingredients if you’re thinking about trying something more out there. The restaurant also stays open until 11 p.m. most nights. Consider trying the sopitos with one crunchy fried tortilla loaded with taco ingredients.


El Kiosko

El Kiosko has a colorful interior with an entire wall devoted to its menu, with nice hand-sized tacos like what you’d see from a taco truck. You can get traditional soft tacos, firm shell tacos, and even mulitas with two firm, perfectly flat tortillas like a taco sandwich. It’s also a great place for tortas, a kind of Mexican sandwich/burger with taco ingredients. El Kiosko’s flan is to die for if you’ve got a craving for Mexican dessert.


Taco Tuesday is no time to grab sloppy, processed, microwaveable tacos from a grocery store. Get adventurous and try something new at one of the best Mexican restaurants in and around Renton, and you’ll be glad you did.


Image via Pixabay