Nissan's Coolest Tech Collaborations

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conceptBy collaborating with technology companies around the world, Nissan is reshaping the way we think about its vehicles. Keep reading to find out more about some of the interesting and exciting collaborations between Nissan and these companies.


Nissan and Microsoft are working together to outfit all Infiniti and LEAF models in Europe with the new Connect Telematics Systems connectivity platform. Microsoft Azure will power this platform, which will use the cloud to allow drivers to have a remote connection to their vehicles, even if they’re not inside their cars. Another interesting feature this collaboration will make possible is the ability to use smartphones in place of a remote control to adjust the in-car controls, including from a distance.

Most importantly, this platform will make hands-free text messaging a standard feature on all Nissan LEAFs. The system can read a text aloud, and the driver can either reply by voice or use one of the preset responses that are accessed through the steering wheel. This important feature will let drivers focus solely on the road and prevent distractions inside the car.

Sony and Konami

One of the more exciting collaborations Nissan has worked on is with Sony and Konami to create a video game controller car. Together, these companies are working to make the driving experience more entertaining by creating The Controller. This concept product will let a Nissan car become the controller for a PlayStation and the “Pro Evolution Soccer” game.

Nissan, Konami, and Sony worked together to create a link between the onboard computers in a Nissan and a PlayStation game console. As a result, you can use the steering wheel, brake pedal, and accelerator to play a unique version of “Pro Evolution Soccer.”

Siemens and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Nissan is working with Siemens and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to create technology that will link the research and development centers with their vehicle development data. With this technology, Nissan plans on storing data on its servers so its engineers around the world can get access to it in real time. It hopes that with this technology, it can reduce costs associated with new system enhancements.


While collaboration between a car company and a space exploration agency seems unusual, NASA is teaming up with Nissan to help advance the technology behind self-driving cars. In fact, Nissan hopes to introduce some of its autonomous driving technology between 2016 and 2020.

While self-driving cars that completely replace the need for a human behind the wheel is the goal, there are still many complications to work through before that is a reality. However, in the meantime, these two companies will work together to produce cars that can park themselves and cars that can sense if there’s about to be a collision and automatically apply the brakes, even if the driver doesn’t.

Whether it’s a car that’s also a video game controller or a car that can drive itself, Nissan is collaborating with different companies to transform its cars and change the way we view car companies.


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