Nissan’s confidence in electric offerings is warranted

July 21st, 2014 by

nissan-zero-emissionsIf you have nothing else to say about Nissan, you can’t deny the fact that the company is bold. This is probably most prevalent in the brand’s confidence in its presence in the electric vehicle market. It is clearly fully committed to the future, and intends on continuing to take down the segment. We say “continuing,” because Nissan is already the world’s top seller of electric vehicles. Yes, sales of the Leaf easily make it the favorite EV in the world, as more than 120,000 Leafs have been sold. But it’s the continued belief in the dominance that is really impressive – even with the other big car companies and newcomers like Tesla looking to take shares of the market away.

But really, you can’t argue with the results for Nissan. While it took a giant like Toyota five years to reach 100,000 in cumulative hybrid sales, Nissan achieved that sales number in 3.5 years with only a single electric vehicle – the Leaf. No doubt, the impressive range, nice style, and roomy cabin of the Leaf are among its main selling points. Getting 84 miles of range out of an EV at that low starting price makes it attractive to everyone. With 24 kW of power, the Leaf is a leader.

Of course, Nissan isn’t going to dominate forever with just one offering. That’s why the company is poised to show off the all-electric NV200 van and others soon. Stay tuned for much more on the electric vehicle front from Nissan.

The commitment to zero emissions by Nissan also showcases the level of care the company has for the environment. The brand knowns as well as anyone that we cannot continue to dumb harmful gases into the atmosphere. So for Nissan, it’s a win-win. A top-selling product that does good for all of us. That’s how to run a successful company.