Nissan's 3 Most Important Eco Initiatives

January 21st, 2016 by

nissanNissan has shown its commitment to the environment with several eco-friendly initiatives that improves the environmental impact of all participants. Besides community programs, Nissan has also included its environmental consideration in the design of its cars. We’ve listed the top three things Nissan is doing for the environment so you can see what the automaker is doing to improve the impact and reduce their impact.

Clean Car Lineup

Nissan has a range of environmentally friendly cars, ranging from Fuel Cell vehicles, to Hybrid Vehicles, to Low Emission cars. Nissan has forged a partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation to help get more fuel-efficient, low emission vehicles out on the road, and this partnership has resulted in cleaner cars populating the Nissan lineup.

Fuel Cell vehicles combine electric, hybrid, and natural gas technologies. These cars only emit water, due to electric energy generation processes, and produce absolutely no CO2 emissions. Hybrid vehicles have extremely low CO2 emissions and have clean gas exhaust, utilizing a motor with a combination of gas and electric power. Low emission vehicles are more traditionally designed vehicles, but the conventional Nissan engines have been modified to release lower emissions, reducing the carbon footprint of the vehicles.

Nissan Leaf

Awarded the Greenest Car Available by the Automotive Science Group, the Nissan Leaf is the most environmentally friendly car in the Nissan lineup. The Leaf is a plug-in vehicle with no emissions that runs entirely on electricity.

While many plug-in cars aren’t as much fun to drive, the Nissan Leaf is not only roomy, but handles beautifully, making it popular for car and environment lovers alike. The battery, once fully charged, can get up to an 84-mile range on the base model, while the higher end models have a range closer to 107. Higher end models also have a quick charge port, cutting down the amount of time the car has to stay plugged in.

“No Charge to Charge”

Unveiled in most major cities, including LA, Chicago, Boston, Boston, and the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, and St Paul, the Free EV Charging Program allows Nissan Leaf owners to charge their cars at public charging stations at no cost. This initiative not only encourages those looking at purchasing an electric vehicle to consider more strongly the Leaf, but it’s also intended to encourage the purchase of electric cars overall.

This initiative is available through the following charging station vendors: ChargePoint, Blink Network/Car Charging Group, NRG eVgo, and AeroVironment, After the two years are up, Leaf owners resume being charged at those stations, but two years of free electric charging can save a lot of money. Unfortunately, this initiative doesn’t count for home charging or charging at other stations besides those listed.

Nissan’s commitment to reducing their impact on the environment, and to designing cars that are not only fun to drive and affordable, but also have low to no emission levels and improved fuel efficiency. Between their electric car initiatives and their commitment to eco-friendly redesign, Nissan is proving itself to be a forerunner in the move towards more environmentally friendly vehicles.


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