Tips for Improving Your Nissan's Value

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nissanNissan’s are reliable vehicles that will maintain their value for a long time, making them nice investments you can someday use to make money or get a great trade-in deal from a dealership. If you’d like to get the absolute highest value for your Nissan that you can, check out the tips below.


Ascertain Current Value

Naturally, you won’t know just how much your Nissan is worth and where you could potentially get the most rise in price if you don’t get some information. Fortunately, there are two key sites that help with determining your Nissan’s sale value: Kelley Blue Book and


Kelley Blue Book will mostly involve the data you provide on your specific year, model, trim level, etc. and use expert algorithms to determine the value it should be sold for, while is based more on the local market, comparing your model to others of the same kind to show you what they sold for. Kelley Blue Book is great for finding out what part replacements will pay back the most, and can help you find neighboring ZIP codes or alternative sale methods that may lead to better prices.


It’s All In The Details

It can’t be understated how much visuals affect a buyer’s flexibility on price. A shining exterior and well-detailed interior make a car look brand new, and subconsciously imply that the model was cared for in all other ways. People love to get compliments on their car, and that by itself also adds value.


A thorough wash and wax will do wonders for your exterior, but go more in-depth and consider replacing old trim pieces, polishing your lights, and more. A detailed interior cleaning will also go a long way. A savvy buyer will check the tires, too, so wash them and polish them with the appropriate products. Replacing things that are on the uglier side of used, such as the floor mats or even the tires, could pay off dramatically.


Have Documents Ready

History reports like those provided by Carfax and Experian will go a long way toward relieving any buyer concerns. Having copies of these documents on hand makes it easy for people to take one home and check up every factor of your Nissan.


This is why it’s always a good idea to keep records of things like oil changes and shop work. Keep all receipts and thoroughly document any work you do by yourself. You’ll be able to prove every positive thing about your Nissan that’s not readily apparent, and that’s a surprisingly rare thing that makes both dealerships and private buyers very happy.


You don’t have to accept the price a single party offers you when selling your Nissan. Take the steps above and shop around for the buyer who you think will be the easiest to deal with while offering the highest price. Naturally, it’s also a good idea to get any upcoming service checks or glaring issues repaired, as that will make buyers much more comfortable. Feel free to visit our service show for a checkup, routine maintenance, body work, or anything else.


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