Virtual Rogue test drive is cool – but not the real thing

February 4th, 2014 by

Since it was announced that the Nissan Rogue was being redesigned, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding it. We can understand this, as the new redesign, improved fuel efficiency and increase capacity have made it a much sought-after pick. Seeing this demand, the folks at Nissan have done something interesting with the Rogue – a virtual test drive.

Nissan Rogue test drive in WA

While we recommend a real Nissan Rogue test drive in WA here at Nissan of Auburn, there are those that might appreciate being able to take a virtual test drive from the comfort of their own homes. By going to, users can type in their location and go on an interesting virtual tour. Again, we don’t think it is anywhere near as good as driving the Rogue, but it does give you a basic idea of what the car looks like and offers. Spoiler alert – there is a flight involved, which obviously doesn’t occur on your regular commute.

The process of making a Nissan Rogue virtual test drive a reality was actually quite involved. Nissan partnered with Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Satellite API to make it happen. There are also some special effects and even music from artist M.I.A. coming from the virtual Rogue radio. Yes, it’s a truly involved virtual experience, if that is what does it for you.

Again, we are all about technology here at Nissan of Auburn. But we feel that we have to tell you that the Rogue really can’t be fully experienced from a computer. It’s a cool car – no doubt. But without feeling the steering wheel and pressing your foot on the gas, you won’t be getting the full experience.

Come test drive a Nissan Rogue in WA and see what the Rogue offers for real. You won’t be disappointed.


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