Why the Nissan Leaf should be your next car

June 28th, 2014 by

Nissan Leaf near Seattle WA

The Nissan Leaf is starting to change the way we drive cars. It was just announced that the Leaf is helping in Nissan’s goal to reduce emissions by 20 percent by the fiscal year of 2016. This is a lofty goal, but with the Leaf’s help, Nissan believes it can be achieved. Here at Rairdon’s Nissan of Auburn, we stand by Nissan’s goal and want you to know about the amazing benefits of the Nissan Leaf near Seattle WA.

First we want you to think about the money you will be saving by not purchasing gas. The Leaf is 100% electric which means you will never have to worry about a gas price again. The Leaf gets approximately 80 miles per charge, which makes it the perfect car for errands and around the town trips. Reviewers have told Nissan that their energy bill has stayed the same even with charging their Leaf in the garage every night. You don’t have to worry about gas prices or an increased energy bill, so we say that’s a deal you can’t beat.

Not only is the Leaf a bank account saver, but it is also comfortable. The Leaf has plenty of room for three backseat passengers with the driver and a passenger in the front seat. lt also has plenty of storage in the trunk for groceries and other around town errands. The Leaf also comes equipped with a heated steering wheel, USB capabilities, and climate control to name a few of our favorite features.

Here at Nissan of Auburn, we have a special offer for you. You can lease the 2014 Nissan Leaf for only $75 a month for 24 months. Think about how much money you spend on gas each month. Now think about how much less $75 is than that and how much money you will save in the long run. Nissan needs you to help cut down on CO2 emissions and we know people who live around Seattle care about the future of our earth. Come on in and test drive a Leaf today. Your life will be redefined.


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