The cleanest car ever?

July 13th, 2014 by

You probably recall the Nissan self-cleaning car. Although not actually something that is available on the market yet, the car created quite the stir with auto enthusiasts – and everyone really. Well, the self-cleaning technology appears ready to make another appearance – this time on the Nissan Leaf. Combined with what is already considered a clean vehicle, the Leaf with self-cleaning technology is becoming known as the “world’s cleanest car.”

It all really makes a lot of sense. The Nissan Leaf has zero emissions, since it uses no gasoline whatsoever. So it is very clean for the environment, producing no harmful greenhouse gases. But the self-cleaning paint is a new one. With this new technology, the Leaf would theoretically not only run clean, but also be able to basically physically clean itself. Although only in testing stage, the new paint application has been holding up well as it repels rain, mud, snow and ice.

While some of us in the Seattle area might be ready to purchase a car with this new technology, life the Leaf, it might not ever come standard on vehicles. The talk among the brass at Nissan right now is that the technology would be sold as an aftermarket add-on for consumers. Either way it’s exciting, but we may still have to wait a bit to actually see it.

As for how the application works, it actually creates a protective layer of air between the paint and the offending substance. Although it appears that the dirt runs right off of the paint, the fact is it never even really touches it.


As always, we will keep an eye on this technology, as it is something that we could definitly see working out well in our area. Stay tuned to the Nissan of Auburn blog for the latest developments.