Nissan i2V Technology Makes the Invisible Visible

January 11th, 2019 by

Nissan i2V Technology Makes the Invisible Visible

Nissan recently unwrapped its groundbreaking Nissan i2V technology at the 2019 CES trade show in Vegas. Here are the most important take-aways.

A Vision of the Future

With tech continuing to enhance our lives, it makes sense to apply these positive effects to driver safety.

Which is exactly what Nissan’s doing.

I2V (which stands for Invisible-to-Visible technology) merges information from sensors outside and inside your Nissan vehicle with cloud data.

This enables the system to not only track your vehicle’s immediate surroundings but to anticipate what lies ahead of you.

Did you know?

i2V tech can even show you what’s behind a building or around a corner!

These innovations mean

Less driving-related stress + a safer environment for you, passengers, and pedestrians.

360-Degrees of Virtual Space

Nissan’s Omni-Sensing technology, which is responsible for powering i2V, maps out 360-degrees of virtual space around your Nissan vehicle.

Because of this, you get helpful information that lets you monitor a variety of things like:

  • Road and intersection status
  • Visibility
  • Road signs
  • Nearby pedestrians

Autonomous + Manual Driving Support

Nissan already offers a variety of semi-autonomous vehicles.

They even plan on having a self-driving autonomous car on the road by 2020.

Nissan states that i2V can make the time you spend in an autonomous vehicle more comfortable & enjoyable.

Find yourself somewhere new?

The i2V system has the ability to search for a knowledgeable local guide who can communicate with you and your passengers in real time.

Looking for a little ambiance?

When you’re driving in the rain, the scenery of a sunny day can be projected inside the vehicle.

i2V tech is also giving the time you spend driving manually a boost by helping you prepare for things like:

  • Corners with poor visibility
  • Irregular road-surface conditions
  • Oncoming traffic.

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