Nissan BladeGlider introduced as the “future of EV technology”

November 17th, 2013 by

When you work with Nissan, you get exposed to some pretty interesting things. The latest from the parent company is a prototype vehicle like nothing we’ve really seen before – the Nissan BladeGlider. This interesting design is what Nissan is referring to as the “future direction of Nissan electric vehicle development.” And given the style and functionality of this vehicle, we are a little more than excited about it – and where the company is headed in general.

The folks at Nissan somewhat went back to basics when producing the Nissan BladeGlider. What we mean by this is that they essentially threw out the playbook on what vehicles have traditionally been. By starting from scratch, they came up with some revolutionary ideas that helped shape where the company is going.

The first and most obvious example of doing things differently with the BladeGlider is the very narrow front track on the vehicle. The one meter track is also lightweight, with the idea partially being that a narrower front end provides aerodynamic advantages. The BladeGlider would also be able to corner easier with a narrow front end, as the wheels would respond in high G situations.

As for the power source on the car, it will rely on a similar electric motor as the Nissan Leaf. The lithium-ion battery technology has proven itself well with the Leaf, and would transfer seamlessly to the lightweight Nissan BladeGlider.

By looking at the vehicle, it becomes pretty obvious where the BladeGlider term came from, as the vehicle has a very much glider appearance, without the wings. Nissan even explained the lack of wings by saying that the underbody creates the downforce, eliminating the need. We have no problem with there being no wings. After all, it still should look like a car in some respects, right?

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