How fast is the Nissan GT-R really?

August 8th, 2014 by

If you are even a slight fan of the Nissan brand, you’ve no doubt heard about the Nissan GT-R. And if you are a big fan of the Nissan brand, then you probably know A LOT about the GT-R. Well, either way, we can all probably agree that it is a pretty awesome car. Consider that the engines are assembled by a master technician in a dirt-free clean room. It’s like a surgical procedure, because everything must go just right – Nissan demands it.

How fast can the Nissan GT-R go?

So with all of those resources creating all of that power under the hood – there is an obvious question. How fast can the Nissan GT-R go? While we may never own one or push it to the limit for that matter, we still really want to know. And even if we did own one, you can’t exactly push the Nissan GT-R to the limit on the streets on Washington. But anyway, we’ve digressed.

From what we can gather from Nissan, the GT-R may be able to go around 193 miles per hour as it is. But, a recent video has it doing a whole lot more than that. In the video, a tuned Nissan GT-R reached 237 miles per hour at the Sun Valley Road Rally. This occurs on a closed section of Highway 75 in Idaho. That would be the only situation we could see where it would be okay to hit such speeds.

So as far as we can tell, this is one of the highest speeds ever reached by a Nissan GT-R. Of course, it was a tuned version of the high performance sports car, so this isn’t how it comes right out the box from Nissan. But apparently if you want your GT-R to go even faster than 193, there are ways to do it.

We don’t recommend hitting any of these speeds with your GT-R, but we are intrigued nonetheless. So if someone asks you: “How fast can the Nissan GT-R go?” – you know what to say.

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