8 Tips for drying your car after washing

June 15th, 2015 by

Taking care of your vehicle means more than oil changes and car inspections. A vehicle that is washed often will hold up longer against the elements. Since our cars face rain, snow, bugs, dust, pollen, and much more, regular car washes are necessary to prevent long-lasting damage. After washing, it’s also important to dry your vehicle, so here are a few car drying tips for Seattle, WA residents to put to use.

Car drying tips Seattle WA

Car drying tips Seattle WA

  1. Drying your car after washing prevents water spots that are caused by mineral deposits that outline leftover water drops.
  2. Use a water blade made from soft silicone to remove 80% of the water from the body.
  3. Then, use a microfiber towel or chamois to absorb the remaining water and prevent streaking.
  4. Do not use bath towels or terry cloth towels, which are not paint-safe and may ruin your car’s finish.
  5. Dry your vehicle quickly to avoid water spots.
  6. Windows and mirrors should be dried first because water spots show up more easily on these surfaces.
  7. Use a separate towel or chamois to dry the wheels and avoid contamination from the body and vice versa.
  8. After the outside is dry, take the towel to the door and trunk jambs.

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