The Nissan Leaf is beginning to hit the mainstream

February 10th, 2015 by

There’s something to be said for running on your own path. For quite some time, it has felt like the Nissan Leaf has been doing just that. While there were other electric vehicle options out on the market, the Leaf was one of the first to be fully electric and gain mass appeal. But would it ever be able to run with “traditional” automobiles as a viable option for everyone? It seems like that day may be closer than ever – or possibly even here. The Leaf was recently named the best Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car in the IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards.

Can anyone drive a Nissan Leaf?

So can anyone drive the Nissan Leaf? Definitely. But will it be ideal for everyone? Probably not. But the recent award proves that the car is now being considered to be just another great option on the market – not just a great electric option.

It’s easy to see why consumers that may have only previously driven a traditional gas operated vehicle may choose the new Leaf. The car has MPGe ratings of 126 city and 101 highway. These numbers equate to a range of 84 miles. This is well within the range of a traditional commute, which means the Leaf could be charged at home every night and never leave someone stranded on their regular drive. And with charging stations popping up all over the nation, the Leaf has nearly endless potential when it comes to range.

The other portion of the Leaf’s recent award that is worth at least noting is that it is a loyalty award. This means that current owners of the car are pleased with it already – another win.

Here at Nissan of Auburn, we have seen first-hand the reaction to the new Nissan Leaf. If you are ready to get behind the wheel yourself, feel free to get in touch with us.


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