Nissan Versa Note is all about that technology

May 6th, 2015 by

These days, technology is truly everywhere. It isn’t enough for people to have their phones and gadgets in their home – they want them on the road as well. The folks at Nissan understand this concept, as can be seen with the technological breakthroughs on the Nissan lineup of vehicles in the past few years. But what is the best vehicle for tech geeks on the road today? Well, it might just be the Nissan Versa Note – although you certainly don’t have to classify yourself as a tech geek to enjoy all that it brings to the table.  

Best vehicle for tech geeks

For the record, it isn’t only us that is bringing the Nissan Versa Note into the conversation as one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market. Kelley Blue Book’s named the Versa Note one of its “10 Tech-Savviest Cars Under $20,000” recently.

A big reason the Nissan Versa Note made the list was its Around View Monitor. This technological breakthrough not only makes the vehicle easier to drive, but is a huge safety advantage as well. Essentially, this system does what it sounds like it will do – providing a full view of what is around the vehicle in the areas that they can’t always see. It’s been described as a “bird’s eye view” of what is around the vehicle.

In addition to the Around View Monitor, the Nissan Versa Note has some other technological aspects that are great for the tech-savvy among us. These include features like hands-free texting, Bluetooth and Pandora capability. While these are also great for the overall entertainment factor, there is also a safety aspect to them. By integrating everything within the car’s internal systems, drivers won’t be tempted to constantly pick up their phone to play music, seek navigation and text their friends.

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