4 Top Tech Rules for Leaving Gadgets in Your Car

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dashIt’s never a great idea to leave expensive gadgets in your car. But if you must, then you should follow these four top tech rules. They’ll help you keep your gadget safe while you’re away.

Don’t Leave Devices Out in the Open

Thieves who wander parking lots keep their eyes open for expensive devices left out in the open. If they see something they want, they’ll break in and walk away with it. The chances of getting your property returned to you are pretty slim. Even if the police find the person who stole from you, he or she has probably already sold your items.

Hide Gadgets as Well as Possible

Slipping your laptop under the front seat will keep most thieves away. A small number, however, will break into cars just to see what they can find. If you have expensive property under a seat or in the glove compartment, those brazen robbers will walk away with them easily.

Find more inventive ways to hide gadgets so criminals will miss them. If you have used bottles, clean them out and remove the tops. Suddenly, you have a covert place to keep small gadgets like mp3 players and smartphones. Obviously this only works if the bottle is not clear.

You can also buy boxes, canisters, and other containers specially designed to hide valuables. Decoy safes come in several designs that look like spray bottles, household cleaners, and even cans of iced tea.

Shutdown Laptops and Other Gadgets in Hot Weather

Extreme temperatures (bot hot and cold) can damage laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets. It’s best to take them with you when you leave the car. If you can’t, shutting them down will help them survive.

Don’t simply close your laptop or set your device to sleep mode. You should shut the device down completely. If you leave it in sleep mode, your gadget could get damaged, especially if you leave it in the car often.

Keep Gadgets in a Cooler

The cooler you use to keep drinks frosty when you go to the beach can also protect your gadgets from extreme temperatures. The most effective coolers use trapped gases blown into Styrofoam. These insulators prevent heat and cold from entering the cooler. You don’t even need to add ice. The insulation alone will do the job.

You should, however, make sure the cooler is an appropriate temperature before you close the lid. It’s a good idea to turn the air conditioner on to capture cool air. That will help your gadgets stay at reasonable temperatures while you’re away.

Some coolers work better than others, so do some research before you decide which one to buy. Also, make sure you choose one that’s big enough for your device. It’s pretty easy to store a smartphone. A laptop, however, will require a bigger cooler.

Theft and temperature are the two biggest concerns when you leave gadgets in your car. As long as you follow these tips, you can lower your risk of both.


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