4 Shopping Mall Parking Lot Safety Tips for Motorists

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Whether you’re going to see a movie at Gateway Center or you’re stocking up on clothes at the Outlet Collection, the mall parking lot presents plenty of opportunities for danger. Between the other cars, oddly placed curbs, and free-roaming shopping carts, it’s a wonder that you ever make it home without huge dents in your car.

The next time you visit a shopping mall, follow these four tips to improve safety for you and your vehicle.

Park Away from the Mall’s Entrance

Most people try to park as close to the mall’s entrance as possible. Doing that could make your shopping trip more convenient, but it can also increase your car’s risk of getting hit. When a lot of motorists squeeze into a small area, there is a good chance that someone will accidentally ding your car.

A crowded parking lot can also increase your chances of an accident while driving. People can get frustrated easily in this kind of situation, which makes it hard for them to drive wisely.

By heading to the back of the parking lot, you can avoid this mayhem.

Use Your Car’s Rearview Camera

Paying close attention to your surroundings should help you and your car stay safer in mall parking lots. Unfortunately, you can’t see everything around you, but technology can give you a better view.

Many of today’s Nissan vehicles come with smart rearview mirrors that connect to rear-mounted cameras. During normal driving conditions, it behaves like a regular rearview mirror. Pressing a button, however, activates the camera so you can see behind when you’re backing up or something obscures your view.

Drive at Reasonable Speeds

Parking lots are full of things that you could accidentally hit with your car. This includes pedestrians as well as other cars. Driving at a reasonable speed will give you time to brake if a child darts in front of you.

Some parking lots post speed limits that make it easy for you to know how fast you can drive. If you see a speed limit sign, follow it. Otherwise, assume that you shouldn’t drive faster than 15 miles per hour.

Keep Valuables out of Sight

Protecting your car isn’t the only concern when you shop at the mall. You also need to protect your belongings. Keeping valuables out of sight is one of the easiest things you can do to lower the chance that someone will steal things from your car.

It’s always a good idea to put shopping bags, electronics, and other valuables in the trunk. Something doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money to be considered valuable. Some thieves will break into cars to steal items that seem to have little value. Something as inexpensive as a CD, for instance, is a prime target for thieves who want to resell them for quick cash.

Parking lots are always a little dangerous. As long as you follow these four tips, though, you should find that you make it home without any damage to your car.


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