The 4 Best Places for Pie in Seattle

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pieAre you a pie lover or a dessert connoisseur? You’ve come to the right place! Due to the increase in popularity of pie shops in Seattle, there are plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth. From coconut cream pie to sweet potato pie, Seattle is home to some unique pie bakeries that serve traditional as well as not-so-traditional pie recipes. So get ready to loosen your belt and try one of these pie bakeries today.

1. Dahlia Bakery

One of the most talked about pies in all of Seattle is the Triple Coconut Cream Pie, found at Dahlia Bakery. This pie is topped with perfectly toasted coconut pieces, generous shreds of white chocolate, thick whipped cream topping, and a coconut crust and filling. Perfect for those coconut lovers, the Triple Coconut Cream Pie is a must-try. But that’s not the only mouth-watering pie on the menu. Other favorites include chocolate peanut butter, banana, and seasonal pies such as the lemon shaker. Whichever pie you choose to get at Dahlia Bakery, you’ll be met with smiling faces as soon as you enter in this traditional pie bakery.

2. A La Mode Pies

Nothing beats a hot pie topped with ice cream, which means the chefs at A La Mode definitely know what they are doing. A popular pie establishment in Seattle, A La Mode Pies is the best place to eat traditional and seasonal pies in a traditional bakery and café setting. Its offerings are available in either petite or whole serving sizes, and you can top any of the pies with either vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. Made from the local Bluebird Microcreamery, the freshness of the ice cream enhances the flavor of the pies beautifully. While you can’t go wrong with any pie on the menu, we recommend trying the Blue Hawaiian pie or the Star-Spangled Sour Cherry pie.

3. Pie

Just like the name implies, Pie is a simple restaurant that offers some of the city’s best traditional pie recipes. Whether sweet or savory, every pie on the menu will leave you and your taste buds more than satisfied. Plus, all the pies offered at Pie come in individual portions, so you can pick up a variety of flavors. One of Pie’s most unique aspects is that it has both a storefront and a mobile location, which means you can find these hand-crafted and homemade pies throughout Seattle.

4. Pie Bar

As the world’s first late-night “pie only” cocktail lounge, Pie Bar is one popular place. Located in the trend-setting district of Capital Hill, Pie Bar serves some of the world’s most delicious pies in a vibrant setting. Whether you’re chowing down on chicken pot pie or pumpkin pie or anything in between, you will have a truly unique pie experience here.

Have you tried a slice of pie from one of the above places? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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