3 Unforgettable Date Nights in Seattle

January 26th, 2017 by

dateSeattle might not exactly be famous for its fine weather, but in between trips down the street where you’re sharing an umbrella with that special someone, Washington’s biggest city does have a few places you can visit for a romantic time. Whether it’s a simple “dinner and a movie” night or you plan on going all-out with a night on the town, Seattle has some of the best dating spots in the country.

Watch a Movie at Central Cinema

Located at the east end of town along East Union Street, Central Cinema is the kind of theater that plays classic old movies instead of keeping up with all the hot new releases. Central Cinema doesn’t stick with any one era of film, and the movies they screen include Golden Age standbys like The Maltese Falcon, unforgettable horror movies like The Thing, and even “love to hate” cult films like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

You won’t have to go anywhere else for the dinner part of the date, either, thanks to in-theater tables and both a kitchen and bar that are open when the rest of the theater is. Menu items include classic appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, and locally grown organic popcorn. The cocktail list is entirely unique to Central Cinema, and other drink options include wine, beer, tea, and unusual sodas.

See Mt. Rainier from a Hot Air Balloon

You’ve seen pictures, you may even have seen one in person, but have you ever actually been up in a hot air balloon? “Unforgettable” is the simplest way to describe traveling through the sky courtesy of Seattle Ballooning, a company headquartered in Burien across from the Highline Medical Center. Balloon flights last about an hour at sunrise or sunset and offer excellent views of Mt. Rainier. After you land, you get to enjoy a light French snack of cheese, croissants, and champagne.

View the Chefs at Work at Fran’s Chocolates

Fran Bigelow may be one of the best chocolatiers in America today, and her four Seattle-area stores sell the handcrafted bonbons and chocolates designed by Fran and prepared by a small army of chefs. While Fran’s isn’t a spot where you should spend your whole afternoon, it’s a good place to go to pick out a few delightful treats for yourself and your date, plus you absolutely cannot miss Fran’s hot chocolate when the weather is cold. The site in Georgetown even has a viewing area where you can watch the chefs hard at work.

Seattle’s weather might not be romantic, but all the people who live within the city limits are. There are plenty of places in the area where two lovebirds can pass the time, such as the ferries across Puget Sound, the quiet Prohibition-era bars tucked away in the corners of the city, and all the stages that host comedy, music, and other performances all year round. So if you want a romantic date night in the Emerald City, the real question you need to ask is, “Where do I want to go first?”


Image via Pixabay