3 Nissan Concept Cars You'll Want to See On the Road

January 5th, 2017 by

conceptIt’s always fun to look at cars you can’t buy (at least not at the moment), so looking at concept cars is particularly interesting thanks to all the new technology, ideas, and designs that go into them. Best of all, many of them are affordable once they formally debut. As for Nissan, the company has several concept cars raring to go.

The 2017 Sentra NISMO

Compact cars are a common sight on the unofficial racing scene. They’re cheap, the parts are inexpensive and easy to replace, and just about anything you do to the performance or engine can only be an upgrade. Most likely for the sake of the fans, the 2017 Nissan Sentra NISMO is coming soon to a dealership near you. NISMO is Nissan’s racing division, but you normally only see the name attached to sports cars and other high-performance Nissan vehicles. This year, however, the Sentra gets a 1.6-liter turbo engine, 18-inch wheels, and red highlights inside and out.


The IDS (which stands for Intelligent Driving System) is Nissan’s entry in the growing luxury electric car market. Not only is the exterior as round and fluid as a sci-fi car, it’s also fully electric and comes with an integrated autopilot. This autopilot isn’t just smart enough to obey traffic laws and stay within the lines, it can also adapt itself to match your driving tendencies. And Nissan trusts its AI so much that turning it on causes the IDS’s steering wheel to drop away and all the seats to swivel inwards so all the passengers can face each other.

The Titan Warrior

The Sentra is getting a new race-inspired trim, and so is the Titan XD. Nissan’s new heavyweight pickup already comes with plenty of customization options and trims, including the PRO-4X trim that specializes in off-road technology, but the new Warrior trim takes that to a new level.

The Titan Warrior has a striking appearance, with an aggressive design and orange highlights with contrast stitching inside that make it clear exactly what kind of Titan this is. The Warrior isn’t all show, either. The Cummins turbo diesel V8 engine comes standard on Warrior models, as does an off-road performance suspension with custom control arms, racing-strength shocks, performance ball joints, and a custom sway bar. No matter how rough the terrain gets, the Titan XD Warrior is ready to keep you moving forward no matter what.

Whether you’re the one driving the car or you’re only watching it pass you on the sidewalk, Nissan’s current crop of concept cars includes some of the best and most interesting designs the company has ever produced, from the budget market all the way up to the luxury division. So if you want to see what the future holds for automobiles, you should head on over to the company’s website and take a look at what Nissan’s concept car section has and what they’ll be bringing to life in the coming years.


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