2019 Nissan LEAF is Simply Amazing

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2019 Nissan Leaf is Simply Amazing

The 2019 Nissan Leaf is the brand’s technology flagship. Here’s how it’s changing the electric vehicle game, for the better.

The first thing you need to know about the Nissan Leaf is that it is an electric vehicle (or EV).

What’s more, many are reveling in the benefits that come with owning or leasing these affordable vehicles.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle


  • Better efficiency. Due to their better efficiency, hybrid and electric vehicles typically achieve noticeably better fuel economy than their non-electric counterparts.
  • Better Fuel economy. Thanks to this better fuel economy, you are able to save the money that you would normally be shelling out for expensive gas.
  • Better for the environment. Supporters of the environment will love how EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions. Our environment and our own personal health benefit greatly from this. Traditional car exhausts, on the other hand, emit harmful pollutants into the air. Evidence suggests that the science is no longer out; these pollutants are linked to and/ or accelerate largescale pollution problems like global warming and acid rain.

2019 Nissan Leaf SV Features

Trim levels for the new Leaf consist of Leaf S, Leaf SV, Leaf SL, Leaf S Plus, Leaf SV Plus, Leaf SL Plus.

Let’s look at the SV.

This trim level, which is one step up from the base model, boasts a variety of driver-friendly perks and features.

Building on the base model, the SV gives you two additional color options.

There are also Fog Lights, Piano Black Trim, 6-Speaker Audio System, range up to 150 miles,* 7” Touchscreen, 17” Alloy Wheel, and available SV Technology and SV All-Weather packages.

2019 Nissan Leaf SL Features

Features include Leather Heated Steering Wheel, Cargo Cover, range up to 150 miles,* 110 kW Electric Motor, Leather-Appointed Seats, Heated Outside Mirrors, Bose 7-Speaker Premium Audio, 147 horsepower, 236 lb-ft of torque, 40 kWh Battery, and an available SL Technology Package.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Features Available on 2019 LEAF

The theme of Nissan Intelligent Mobility is safety awareness.

Because of this, the system allows you to drive with greater confidence.

You will love how an extensive suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features comes available on the 2019 LEAF.**

Intelligent Mobility features include


  • Intelligent driving features like Intelligent Blind Spot Warning
  • Intelligent power features like 100% instant torque
  • Intelligent integration features like Seamless Autonomous Mobility. Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM) is a system designed to make driverless autonomous cars more intelligent with every trip. It uses human mobility managers to help driverless autonomous cars contend with the unexpected, like construction zones, and then share what they have learned with other cars.***

How Much is 2019 Nissan LEAF

As it regards electric vehicles, the Nissan Leaf is on the lower end of the pricing scale.

Feel free to contact Rairdon’s Nissan of Auburn at 253-833-4700 to schedule a test drive of the 2019 LEAF or other models like the 2019 Nissan Altima, 2019 Nissan Rogue, or 2019 Nissan Sentra.

* 2019 EPA range estimates for 2019 Nissan LEAF :

  • S, SV, and SL: up to 150 miles
  • S PLUS: up to 226 miles
  • SV PLUS and SL PLUS: up to 215 miles

Actual range will vary with trim levels, options, and driving conditions – use for comparison only. See Customer Disclosure Form for details.

**Availability of features vary by vehicle model year, model, trim level, packaging, and options.

*** Availability of features vary by vehicle model year, model, trim level, packaging, and options.

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