No matter what you read, the Titan is its own design

January 16th, 2015 by

Any time a new vehicle is unveiled to the public, the event instantly invites critique of the vehicle in question. This was no different with the recent unveiling of the 2016 Nissan Titan at the Detroit Auto Show. While most of the press has been very positive, there are some articles out there that insist on comparing the design of the new Nissan Titan to the Ford F-150. Of course, we know better than to fall trap to these negative reviews. But it’s probably worth our time to explain why this isn’t an argument that holds water.

2016 Nissan Titan and Ford F-150 look the same?

First of all and most obviously, there’s the time element. The designers of the new Titan were completed with their work long before the new F-150 was revealed. When a vehicle is designed, it needs to get to a finalized prototype before suppliers can be enlisted, tooling organized and much more. Given the timeline that Nissan was on for this unveiling, it wouldn’t be possible for them to have copied the new Ford truck.

The other portion of this is the simple fact that the new Titan doesn’t really look like the F-150. Side-by-side, the vehicles have very different looks, and even their stances are unique. If you inspect the design elements, it’s easy to see that the Titan has a more natural flow to it, while the F-150 is flat and rigid.

One of the specifics that is being mentioned when the Titan and F-150 are compared is how the vehicle’s look “around the belt.” This refers to the portion of the truck where the cab portion ends and the body begins. The new Titan’s windows were lowered to allow the mirror to remain in the glass footprint for a better driving dynamic while maintaining the ride height Nissan was looking for. While it was by no means “copying,” it brought many comparisons.

While we never really saw the similarities of the two trucks, it was something that we thought we should address. But if all you care about is getting the new Nissan Titan in your driveway, make sure to contact us.