#1 Selling Electric Vehicle in the World

November 6th, 2017 by

#1 Selling Electric Vehicle in the World

The Nissan Leaf is the best-selling EV in global history. More Nissan leafs are sold in the US, Europe, and Japan, than any other electric vehicle. The affordability and reliability of this outstanding electric vehicle is why consumers flock to it. With the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show Nissan introduced its vision for the new Nissan Leaf with their Nismo Leaf Concept. They teased the public with a press releases mentioning the concept car early last month, and it finally made its official debuted in Tokyo. Fans and critics alike were thoroughly impressed by this sporty and fun to drive EV concept. The popularity of this concept car was so impressive that Nissan reported Wednesday that pre-orders for the 2018 Leaf had spiked by 9,000 units.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf comes with an 110kw AC synchronous electric motor and a 40kWh lithium ion battery. The electric motor will generate 147-horsepower and the lithium ion battery has a range of 150 miles.

One of the benefits of an electric motor is that it delivers 100% of its torque straight off the line. The performance advantage of electric motors over combustion is that electric engines aren’t hindered by as many mechanical parts when delivering torque to the wheels. Electric engines power the drive shaft directly with magnetic fields. This allows the electric engine to deliver maximum torque straight to the wheels at zero rpms. This results in quick acceleration and better performance with less horsepower. It hasn’t been revealed yet if the Nissan Leaf Nismo will benefit from an upgraded electric motor, but even with the 110kw AC electric motor the Leaf Nismo will still give you an amazing driving experience.

The Nissan leaf is also packed full of features and technology to help manage your driving range and keep you comfortable on the road. The Nissan Leaf comes with the NissanConnect infotainment system. The NissanConnect system offers navigation that will calculate the best range-saving routes, and apps to help you find the nearest charging stations. Nissan Leafs are equipped with a Bose premium audio system to offer a superior listening experience. With room for 5, the Nissan Leaf is also equipped with heated front and rear seat to keep you and your passengers comfortable through the winter.

It still has not been mentioned when the Nissan Leaf will be offered in a Nismo trim; however, the concept shown at the Tokyo Auto Show was equipped with a sport-tuned suspension and performance racing tires. A custom-tuned computer allows the Nismo Leaf to deliver maximum acceleration at any speed.

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