Let’s Compare The Nissan Maxima To Its Competition

2021 Nissan Maxima red at speed mountain highway

The reason why the Nissan Maxima is called the Four-Door Sports Car is because it combines the thrill of the Z with the comfort of something more luxurious for up to five people. There is nothing quite like it in the Puget Sound area.

The Maxima offers a lot more than you think. You have fantastic space inside with the latest technology features. It is also available with ProPILOT Assist – the most advanced driver assistance system on the roads today!

Let’s see how the Maxima compares to the Dodge Charger, Honda Accord, Toyota Avalon and Volkswagen Arteon.

 Nissan Maxima SVVolkswagen Arteon SEL R-LineToyota Avalon LimitedHonda Accord TouringDodge Charger GT AWD
Vehicle Image
Number of Configurations
Engine Type
3.5 Liter V62.0 Liter Turbo Inline 43.5 Liter V62.0 Liter Turbo Inline 43.6 Liter V6
300 HP268 HP301 HP252 HP300 HP
261 lb-ft258 lb-ft267 lb-ft273 lb-ft264 lb-ft
CVT8 Speed Automatic Transmission8 Speed Automatic TransmissionCVT8 Speed Automatic Transmission
DriveTrainFWD StandardFWD Standard
FWD StandardFWD StandardAWD Standard
Combined Fuel Economy
24 MPG
25 MPG
25 MPG
26 MPG21 MPG
Interior Passenger Volume
96.4 cubic feet96.2 cubic feet
102.9 cubic feet102.7 cubic feet104.7 cubic feet
Trunk Cargo Volume14.3 cubic feet27.2 cubic feet16.1 cubic feet16.7 cubic feet16.5 cubic feet
Ground Clearance5.3 inches5.3 inches5.3 inches5.3 inches5.2 inches
Base Price$37,090$41,595$42,575$36,900$36,625

There are plenty of advantages the Nissan Maxima has over the Dodge Charger.

  • Maxima offers you more of a command center with a true driver’s cockpit design and functionality.
  • There are more standard driver assistance features on our Maxima SV than on the lowest priced Charger.
  • The exterior styling is just sharp. Not a brick, but something sleek and invigorating.
  • Why get a higher performance model to enjoy the drive? Every Maxima is engineered for healthier and sensational drives – including taking on curves.

There are plenty of advantages the Nissan Maxima has over the Honda Accord.

  • The Maxima is powered by a great V6, no turbos needed.
  • To get to the level of a Maxima, you have to order a top-of-the-line model with everything.
  • Rear seat room offers more legroom than Accord
  • A naturally sleek design wins those who want something sportier in their lives.

There are plenty of advantages the Nissan Maxima has over the Toyota Avalon.

  • A simpler choice in trim levels, focusing on what customers need than desire.
  • The Maxima is equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor standard, unlike the base Corolla.
  • The instrument panel is a simple, clean design that is well organized and accessible for the driver.
  • You can’t deny a sharper looking, sportier sedan – like the Maxima!

There are plenty of advantages the Nissan Maxima has over the Volkswagen Arteon.

  • The Maxima has a V6 engine that requires no turbos…and no waiting to get the performance you need.
  • Controls are simple, easy to use and easy to understand.
  • Rear seat room is actually better inside the Maxima.
  • The Arteon may be agile, but the Maxima is more commanding on the road.

When it comes to value, no one beats the Nissan Maxima – period!

Contact us at Rairdon’s Nissan of Auburn to get your Maxima today!


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